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Pres Vouchers

Versatile Marketing Solutions Engine

Pres Vouchers

Your marketing assistant

Take advantage of our rich voucher engine to unlock unlimited marketing opportunities, including gift cards, concessions, ticketing, and more. Easily create various voucher types like discounts and VIP offerings.

Plus, take control of settings such as validity and display imagery for a seamless experience.

We have deployed Pres Studio Platform on over 126 screens, We selected Pres Global for its unified Cloud technology and exceptional performance.
Avi Edery, CEO, Cinema City Israel

Pres Ecom

Seamlessly purchase tickets and make online reservations, providing convenience and flexibility while reducing wait times at box offices.

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Pres Vouchers

Vouchers can be easily purchased and redeemed online, expanding promotional opportunities and driving your incremental revenue.

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Selected by industry leaders for reliable ticketing solutions