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Pres for Sports

SportsPro offers a cutting-edge cloud solution tailored to the unique needs of the sports industry, allowing users to take part in live sports events.

Changing The
Game's Rules

SportsPro is the premier innovative platform for sports live events, offering a unique cloud solution designed as a centralized hub with cutting-edge functionality tailored for the industry.

Our fully hosted, managed, and monitored platform, coupled with advanced alerting automation, provides you with the peace of mind needed to manage your sports events successfully.

Within the SportsPro platform, you'll find a suite of modules tailored to streamline your operations and enhance the overall fan experience, ensuring that your sports events are memorable and engaging.


The EventMapPro module simplifies the process of designing and managing event layouts, enabling event organizers to create engaging experiences for fans and enhance the overall event atmosphere.

We have deployed Pres Studio Platform on over 126 screens, We selected Pres Global for its unified Cloud technology and exceptional performance.
Avi Edery, CEO, Cinema City Israel

Pres Ecom

Seamlessly purchase tickets and make online reservations, providing convenience and flexibility while reducing wait times at box offices.

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Pres Vouchers

Vouchers can be easily purchased and redeemed online, expanding promotional opportunities and driving your incremental revenue.

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