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Pres Ecom

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Pres Ecom extends beyond basic ticketing functionality by providing venues with valuable tools to enhance customer satisfaction and optimize operational efficiency. Integrated customer service forms streamline communication between patrons and support staff, ensuring prompt resolution of inquiries. A dedicated customer portal empowers patrons to manage bookings, access digital tickets, and update personal information, fostering a sense of autonomy and convenience.

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Ticket Sales

Pres studio platform allows you to tailor and customize your seat maps, enabling venues to create their unique seating configurations by their preferences.

Seat attributes such as sofas, tables, and bar stools can be combined to create differentiated seating options, catering to a range of comfort preferences and group sizes.

Integrating social media platforms and online review sites facilitates word-of-mouth marketing and enhances visibility and engagement with potential customers.

We have deployed Pres Studio Platform on over 126 screens, We selected Pres Global for its unified Cloud technology and exceptional performance.
Avi Edery, CEO, Cinema City Israel

Pres Ecom

Seamlessly purchase tickets and make online reservations, providing convenience and flexibility while reducing wait times at box offices.

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Pres Vouchers

Vouchers can be easily purchased and redeemed online, expanding promotional opportunities and driving your incremental revenue.

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