Our Solutions

V5 is a cross platform, customizable integrated ticketing system that provides real time data, and is accessible from any device.

Managerial Tool

The managerial side of V5 allows for long distance tracking and control of all terminals and POSs from any device. It also supports an unlimited set up of halls, venues, type of tickets, pricing, fees and user permissions. The software lets you easily monitor and customize everything, including and not limited to inventory, employees, sales, and reports.

Call center feature

Create designated users with limited permission for your in-house or 3rd party call center. You can expand or downsize your activity simply and immediately (perfect for seasonal businesses) as well as get real time data for instant quality control.


The system dispenses traditional and smart tickets: stickers,shipping labels, will call, print at home as well as mobile e tickets, RFID bracelet, PDFs, membership cards, gift cards, and more…

Safety and Security

V5 is a fully secure system and to remain that way, it sends real time notifications if it detects any unauthorized activity.


The smart reporting system allows for a clear and detailed view of the data. The system was designed by experts in the ticketing and information systems industries so it includes an advanced report generation wizard that is fully customisable. All reports can view data in any format and from any database. This smart reporting system helps any size organizations a better understanding of the business activities in real time and in great depth. The system analyzes the real time activities using the most advanced tools in the world to ensure accuracy and efficiency on all fronts.

Computerized box office system

The computerized box office system are equipped with a user friendly interface for concessions, terminals and kiosks thus allowing for efficient employee training. Any and all POS and terminals are always synced and are connected to the central back office system.

*V5 does not require any special hardware. You are free to choose the hardware according to your budget and needs.

E- commerce

Beyond its obvious benefits of comfort and efficiency, the web ticket sales are integrated into a central ticketing system. The system allows real time updates of ticket types in all terminals. We offer customized solutions based on your needs. Our experts will handle design, development and if needed, branded website design and set up.

V5 has advanced marketing abilities that allow special offers to be targeted at specific audiences (club members etc.) Also, you can easily manage your affiliate and partner programs.

Mobile Capabilities

Responsive, intuitive, customisable branded app for iOS and Android. Secure access to the management and reporting system for your business and comfort for your end user.  From purchase to entry, to buying snacks, the end user can do it all from their mobile device.


Most of our solutions cover the basic cinema ticketing software needs, but we like to take things one step further and developed the perfect cinema package. Its main features are:

  • Easy and efficient management of the screening process.
  • Full control of:
    • Venue playlists (open space, theater)
    • Commercial sequence
    • Screening process: lights, intermission, music
    • Timelines and procedures
    • Display of upcoming movies on hall screens
  • Visual display of processes over time
  • Central control panel
  • Multi-Screens, Composition Layouts: synced playback
  • Computerized LED system and display

Take your business to a new level of innovation.