Introducing The V.5

The PRES.Global V.5 was developed with the needs of any organization that requires the use of tickets in mind, but our software is much more than dispensing tickets. In one software you can efficiently and effectively manage your employees, inventory, 3rd party suppliers and partners. Monitor and manage anything from end user activities to quality control (of everything), we got your covered.

Our software has a robust API that allows seamless 3rd party interactions with any system. That means we can easily adapt, even if such systems already provide functionalities that are also offered by

Here are some of our features:

Back office

The back office of the software is completely web based, responsive, and multilingual. It lets you monitor, and manage every machine and person that is a part of your business from one place.

Unlimited System Updates

V.5 is already an innovative and reliable software and in order to stay ahead of the game we are constantly developing and upgrading it. Our mission is to be the one stop shop for all your ticketing and ticket management needs. We want our customers to enjoy everything PRES.Global V.5 has to offer today and in the future so we pledge 100% free unlimited system updates. Enjoy.


The Ecommerce feature allows to better track and sell tickets, memberships, vouchers and more. Use this to upsell and engage your customers even more. The software is fully responsive (desktop/tablet/mobile) and is compatible with social networks.

People Access Control

Fully integrated into our ticketing product or as a standalone solution, our Access Control system provides flexible control of your doors. No matter what you use today our product is completely cross platform. (terminals, validators, turnstiles or fixed PCs)

Point of Sales

V.5 is a web based software connecting all point of sales for cashiers, ticketing, concession, merchandise and more. It offers complete layout control, is cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and is supporting leading POS peripherals such as:


Run our kiosk ticketing system on any device with a touch screen! Our kiosks let the end customers browse the schedule, buy a ticket, redeem a voucher and/or stored value and collect their bookings.

24/7 Support

We’re only a phone call or an email away. You get 2 points of contact for any issue that might arise. A C level account manager and a project manager that is available to give you support when you need it.

בענן או באתר הלקוח​

לפי צרכי הארגון, כל המערכת יכולה להיות מאוכסנת בענן, או ON PREMISES באתר הלקוח. ב מגוון פתרונות ענן מאובטחים, כולל פתרונות גיבוי והתאוששות מאסון DR.

Quick and Simple integration

Once you've joined the Press Global family we take care of the implementation part quickly.


The software supports a variety of complex and flexible Stored Value solutions in which a customer may be enrolled in a pre-paid plan. Identification may be using a barcode, RFID, bracelet, NFC or any other identification that can be read by a terminal.


The software has a full feature CRM which is completely integrated with the ticketing system. CRM entries are automatically triggered either by transactions or by call centers. Employee performance and automatic call recording and monitoring are available as well.

Upgrade your business.