Advantages of the Platform

The platform provides a very stable and advanced technological solution, with an emphasis on operational simplicity and user-friendliness. The user interfaces in the platform were built specifically for the culture and leisure industry, while gaining in-depth recognition of the industry’s unique needs and customary working methods.

The cash register system combines the capabilities of a fast cash register with CRM tools and information absorption and management mechanisms.

Platform capabilities

Direct online and mobile sales channels, built as a versatile responsive product (the interface adapts itself to the defined medium and customer).

Electronic access control module that provides customers with a ticket via mobile phone or pre-printed at home.

Knowledge management mechanism.

Document Management.

Client management.

Business partners.

Agents and groups.

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Continuous Activity

Updates are performed independently and imperceptibly during activity


Ensures a uniform interface


All system information is accessible to the user at all times


Graphic editor for forms and documents

Interface Generator

Interface generator allows you to simply connect the system to external software


A built-in monitoring system that often detects faults before the customer encounters them

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