Pres Global
An effective and simple answer to the sphere of leisure, sports and culture.

Performing arts, cinemas, museums, heritage sites, sports fields, tourist attractions…
Our adaptive system is suited to a wide range of customers and a variety of different needs,
so that any sort of venue can benefit from an efficient and accurate solution tailored to their needs –
whether you’re an international cinema network, a local sports hall or a non-profit organization operating a visitor center with one cashier.

This is not another system, this is a complete “show”:

Purchase of tickets and subscriptions

Ticket sales

POS positions

Interfaces for customer clubs

Establishing forms of subscription and renewal of subscriptions

Customer relationship management

Access management

Interfaces for customer clubs and external systems

Electronic ticketing

Reports / BI / Report Generator

Product sales and buffets

Telephone service center

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For over 20 years, Pres. Global has been providing the worlds of leisure, sports and culture in Israel and around the world with a variety of integrated software, service, maintenance and support solutions, which provide a complete and efficient management and operational solution.

Our accumulated decades of experience in Israel and abroad, both in technology and operations, have led us to initiate, develop and create groundbreaking solutions that have changed the world of ticketing and leisure culture, while our R&D department constantly strive to innovate and create “The Next Big Thing” in the field.

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